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Greetings from Cleobury Mortimer
Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club - Director of Golf

Good day members and friends of CMGC! From what I gather the weather has not been so good here, luckily Tom and I managed to get away to Spain for a few days. Sadly no golf was played unless you count 18 holes around the local mini golf course! Lloret De Mar for our good friends stag do was an interesting place to say the least! I did manage to have a walk around the course Wednesday afternoon and it is still holding up nicely considering the heavy rain it has had thrown at fingers crossed it will all change by the time you read this and we can have a nice weekend in the sun!

Head coach Phil Moore

Another week has come and gone and it is great to see so many of my lessons starting to put into practice what I have been teaching them. Rich Smith came second in the roll up and Bob Lucas after a long lay off from injury is getting back to where he used to be. Bob won the weekend medal in tough conditions and has been to see me regarding a few tweaks to get him back to his best. My lesson diary is always in the golf centre if you would like to book in any time, I can also be reach on this number 07851351513 or alternatively click here to send me an email. 

The dreaded shank

After a lot of requests my tip of the week is something all golfers dread and need a quick fix for 'stop shanking'. If you would like to suggest a tip of the week please contact me and I will feature it in forth coming newsletters.

A shanked golf shot is a shot in which the golf ball has been struck against the inside corner of the heel of the club where the clubface joins hosel. This causes the golf ball to shoot offline - to the right for right-handed golfers, left for the left handed golfers.

There are normally two main reasons why a golfer would hit the dreaded shank, first is a severe in to out swing path. This is a path in which the club head sinks or falls behind the player on the downswing. As speed and momentum build up, the club literally flies from coming down behind the player to going outward through the impact zone. The club stretches away from the player in the hitting area and eventually reaches too far away and shanks the ball.

A right handed player with this swing style will appear to swing to the right of the tar get, usually draws the ball naturally but pushes it often and has a high finish.

A shank will also occur if during your downswing you shift your weight from your heels to your toes. As your weight moves forward you will begin to lean forward. As this happens the club head will move out from the body about an inch and a half. This forward movement means the hosel is now positioned where you intended the centre of the club face to be. Thus the result is a shank as the ball is hit with the hosel.

Junior Team

Big shout out to the CMGC junior team! Led by organiser Richard Chandler and captain Josh Rowbotham the team are currently top of the West Midlands Junior league after two wins out of two! The future certainly looks bright at CMGC!


Roy Houghton Memorial Competition this weekend.


Don't forget this weekend is a trophy competition competing for the Roy Houghton memorial silverware. Played on Saturday over Foxes Run and Badgers Sett last year Paul Jones won can he retain it?

Tee times available from the golf centre phone us on 01299 271 112 to book in!

Sweep Stake

Sweepstake city here at CMGC! With the US Open and the World Cup just around the corner its time to get lucky and pick your team/ player.

The US Open is £3 a go or 2 for £5 and paid out for the top 4 players.

 The World Cup is a blind draw £3 a go or 2 for £5 pick a envelope and once they are all sold they are opened up to reveal your team!

All monies are paid out in golf centre vouchers! Best of luck everyone!

Srixon AD333 Tour 2 Ball Packs

We still have a couple of the trial Srixon AD333 tour available. You buy a sleeve of 3 and get and addition 2 completely FREE.

The AD333 tour sits in the middle ground between the Srixon z-star and normal AD333.

Here is a bit of feedback from some members that trialled them.

Dennis Nock 'a lovely ball especially around the greens with excellent feel, I would certainly use them again'.

Mark Fish 'really impressive, as a AD333 user I can feel that extra bit of class with the ball, this is my new golf ball for the season'.

Give them a try today!

Titleist Bags

A new second delivery of Titleist stand bags have just touched down at CMGC

The Titleist Lightweight 2014 Stand Bag £99 (£10 cheaper than American Golf)

Is designed to be lightweight. Pockets include a full side saddle apparel pocket, zippered velour lined accessory pocket, full side saddle ball pocket, full size ball pocket on spine, additional zippered accessory pocket and an insulated beverage pocket. Extra handy features include an external pen holder, Velcro umbrella loop, clip towel ring and Velcro glove spot.

The Titleist Lightweight 2014 Stand Bag features a 4 way club divider with a full wrap padded mesh to protect your clubs.

Key Points…

  • 4 point, easily adjustable, double strap
  • 6 pockets for complete storage
  • Automatic bag stand with broad foot
  • Lightweight construction, weighs only 2.5kg

The 2014 Titleist Stand bag SE £79.99 (£10 cheaper than American Golf)

With the Titleist Lightweight SE Stand Bag you will be amazed by the lightweight comfort and convenience of a fast stand mechanism with broad foot and tripod rubber feet for ultimate stability. The Titleist Lightweight SE Stand Bag is perfect for walking around the course in style.

Key Features…

  • Top-cuff with integrated handle
  • 4-way club divider, boxed full-length, 3-ways
  • Full-wrap, padded mesh top-cuff and divider
  • Velcro leg lock strap
Have a great golfing week and we hope to see you at CMGC very soon.

Dave, Matt, Phil and Team CMGC

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